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During our early years, we are able to enjoy a rich supply of natural nutrients, which helps to make our skin smooth and resilient. Over time, this foundational storage of nutrients is likely to run low, making the skin lose volume and leading to aging and droopy skin. If you desire to boost the aesthetic appeal of your skin without surgery, consider RF (radiofrequency) skin tightening at Avanti Medical Center. By utilizing innovative radiofrequency technology, nonsurgical skin tightening works to encourage the production of elastin and collagen so it’s possible to develop more taut, smoother skin. The Experts at Avanti Medical Center in Lehi, UT are proud to offer nonsurgical skin tightening for individuals who wish to rejuvenate and firm their skin with effective solutions.


After preparing your skin, your technician will evenly place the instrument along your skin multiple times for comprehensive results. Our innovative technology helps encourage your body’s natural regeneration of collagen and elastin, which tightens and firms the skin as the treatment takes effect. Your session will probably last about 30 – 90 minutes based on the scope and size of the area being treated. Once the treatment is complete, you can return to your routine. After your procedure, the affected regions may appear red or irritated, and the skin may feel uncomfortable. However, these effects will likely disappear within a few days. As you heal, it’s important to use a moisturizing cream and apply sunscreen.



How many treatments will I need to achieve the look I want?

The total number of treatments will be based on the starting looseness of your skin, along with your aesthetic concerns. During your consultation, We will discuss your needs and goals so that we can decide how many sessions are suitable for you.

Can I have nonsurgical skin tightening with other treatments?

Yes, you can. Nonsurgical RF skin tightening can be performed as a standalone procedure or to pair with additional treatments. It’s common for patients to prefer to undergo RF skin tightening along with additional effective options.

Does nonsurgical skin tightening hurt?

At Avanti Medical Center, we work hard to be sure you are relaxed during your procedure. While the majority of men and women find that this noninvasive procedure doesn’t hurt, our team can provide a local numbing ointment to reduce any discomfort and provide a positive experience.


In case you’re trying to reduce skin laxity, book a consultation with our team in Lehi, UT to find out more about radiofrequency skin tightening, a wonderful, nonsurgical treatment that involves minimal downtime. This treatment is effective to treat wrinkled skin to give you a healthier, refreshed appearance. If you’re noticing the first indications of skin laxity, please contact Avanti Medical Center so our aesthetic specialists can design your customized procedure plan.

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