Laser Scar Treatment in Lehi, UT


At Avanti Medical Center in Lehi, UT, our skilled team performs effective laser scar services for all patients. This nonsurgical treatment may reduce your scar and renew the look and texture of your skin. Laser scar treatments could address one or several scars, and we can perform this technique on various areas of the body. Whatever the cause of your scar, you might want to minimize the continuous remnant of your injury or trauma. At your consultation, nurse practitioner Kellie Lewis will evaluate the area to figure out if laser scar treatment is ideal for your needs.


Each situation is different, and some patients may require more or fewer treatments than others. However, most patients will only need 4 – 6 laser scar treatments before they’ve received the maximum benefits of the procedure. After your initial consultation at Avanti Medical Center, we will have a much clearer picture of your specific treatment plan. The length of time you must wait after the formation of a scar depends on its source. For instance, if it stems from a surgical procedure, it is usually safe to perform laser scar treatment after only a few weeks of the stitches being removed, allowing the scar to completely heal. However, acne scars may be treated as soon as the underlying acne outbreak is under control. Unfortunately, there is currently no treatment that can make a scar go away entirely. Instead, laser scar treatment is a useful method to dramatically reduce the appearance of a scar.


Scars can develop for any number of reasons. Whether they represent a painful memory or are just not so great to look at, our team at Avanti Medical Center has a solution. Nurse practitioner Kellie Lewis and her team will craft a personalized treatment plan to help reduce the scar and restore your skin. Reach out to our facility in Lehi, UT to learn more about your options and to schedule your consultation.

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