Our Team


Avanti Medical Center is honored to feature a passionate group of professionals with diverse abilities who all work together to produce stunning results for our patients in Lehi, UT. Each one of our health and cosmetic experts is trained to make use of our contemporary selection of technology. To help you attain the look and effects you want, our staff learns about you on a singular level to understand your goals and concerns and form a treatment plan that actively takes care of them. Each member of our staff highly treasures the connections they have established with the patients we’ve encountered.

  • Kellie D. Lewis – FNP, Medical Director, Hormone and Regenerative Medicine Specialist
  • Renee W. – FNP,  Provider
  • Dayna N. – MA, Chief Hormone Specialist
  • Kayla T. – RN, Injector
  • Laura Winegar – President

Our team members consist of:

  • Joanie L.– FNP, Provider
  • Joy Q. – Clinic Director
  • Bryn S. – Master Esthetician
  • Shaina  H. – Master Esthetician
  • Addi W. – Reception, Clerical
  • Ava Q. – Reception
  • Abby C. Reception
  • Eric W. – Consultant


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