Laser Acne Treatment in Lehi, UT


Acne is one of the many obstacles that can influence your ability to feel confident. People who live with acne sometimes have painful pimples or inflamed cysts on their cheeks, chin, nose, neck, lower back, shoulder blades, chest, and arms. It might significantly impact your life, not just from an aesthetic standpoint but from a psychological one, too. If you have tried countless prescriptions, creams, or lotions but nothing seems to help, acne laser therapy might be a good option for your skin. After the typical number of treatments, many of our Lehi, UT men and women notice great improvements in their skin and are happy with the outcomes. The team at Avanti Medical Center are pleased to perform advanced laser procedures that help stop active breakouts.


To perform this procedure, a member of our team will select the headpiece that suits your unique complexion.  One Avanti’s master estheticians will then guide the device over the intended area to address your pores and reduce acne vulgaris. Outcomes after laser acne treatment vary for every patient. Given that laser acne removal addresses present blemishes, you will have to receive touch-up sessions as soon as your acne begins to flare up once more and maintain a consistent skin care routine at home.


Acne no longer has to hurt the way you look or the way you feel about your appearance. Advanced technology at Avanti Medical Center can help our team reduce the bacteria that live under the skin and help produce a clearer complexion. Contact our office in Lehi, UT to learn more about your options or to schedule your one-on-one consultation.

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