Melasma Treatment in Lehi, UT


Many people develop melasma at some point in their life. This condition is characterized by uneven blotches of darkened skin throughout the face, neck, and forearms. These tan, gray, or brownish areas can form on the forehead, nose, cheeks, upper lip, or chin. Melasma is found more frequently in women with darker skin colors and is thought to be caused by UV damage or hormones, like those associated with pregnancy and menopause. For patients with melasma,  the top masster estheticians provide laser melasma treatments at Avanti Medical Center. This nonsurgical solution utilizes gentle light energy to help reduce the presence of darkly pigmented areas. Book an appointment at our Lehi, UT office to find out if laser melasma treatment can help elevate your confidence and renew your skin tone and appearance.


Melasma-induced hyperpigmentation can occur throughout all stages of your life. It is most commonly thought to be the result of hormonal changes, such as those that come with pregnancy and birth control medications. Less prevalent factors that are commonly related to melasma include UV damage, stress, and a genetic predisposition. During your treatment, we will direct light-based energy onto melasmic areas throughout the skin. The light will effectively help to break down hyperpigmentation, allowing it to be absorbed by the body. Though these spots may darken initially, they will likely diminish after about seven days. Although laser procedures can work to decrease the appearance of melasma, additional tan, brown, or gray areas may develop as time goes on. Periodic treatments may be recommended to help maintain your results.


If melasma is ruining the way you feel about your skin, consider laser-assisted treatments at Avanti Medical Center. This innovative treatment is customized to address your unique complexion needs and maximize your future outcomes. Contact our team in Lehi, UT to book your consultation with a member of the Avanti team and to learn about your options.

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