Four Easy Tips to Help Your BOTOX® Results Last Longer

Do you want a more youthful, energetic appearance without going under the knife? BOTOX treatments are one of the most requested ways to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in your forehead and around the eyes and mouth. But if you’re thinking about getting BOTOX injections for yourself this season, you might want to educate yourself about the details.


BOTOX results are designed to last 3 – 4 months, which means many of our patients are always seeking ways to extend their gorgeous outcomes. The good news is that you can enjoy younger-looking skin in between BOTOX appointments. Our professional injectors at Avanti Medical Center can offer helpful advice when you schedule a beauty consultation in Lehi, UT. Read our simple tips below.

1. Avoid sun exposure

We all love being outside, but the sun can lead to premature aging and increase your risk of skin cancer. The sun’s UV rays are dangerous for even the healthiest of complexions. Your best defense is wearing a broad spectrum SPF, a hat, and sunglasses to avoid fine lines and sun damage. Be sure to apply sunscreen before going outdoors and reapply as needed. You should also avoid tanning beds, which also ruin your BOTOX results by exposing your skin to harmful UV rays.

2. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is important because it keeps wrinkles at bay and ensures your skin remains firm and healthy. In contrast, dehydrated skin can cause a lack of elasticity, making some signs of aging more noticeable. In between your BOTOX treatments in Lehi, UT, we suggest drinking 6 – 8 glasses of water a day to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated.

3. Eat nutrient-rich foods

A wide variety of nutrients can keep your skin healthy and strong. This includes lean proteins, colorful fruits and vegetables, and whole grains to combat common signs of aging. Consider less sugary or starchy foods and increase your intake of Vitamin C in between BOTOX injections. Patients with specific health requirements can speak with their primary care doctor about what diet is best for their complexion.

4. Ask about our other treatments

As we mentioned, patients can schedule BOTOX injections every 3 – 4 months or as suggested by Avanti Medical Center. You can also ask our team about other anti-aging treatments in our office. For example, advanced facials can help you maintain optimal skin health. Facials are even personalized based on your current skin and individual goals. Treatment may include deep cleansing, steam to open the pores, and an extraction process to reduce whiteheads and blackheads. We also include a mask or serum and SPF moisturizer to protect the skin from future damage.

BOTOX treatment that lasts

With these four easy tips, your BOTOX results will last longer, and you’ll be more satisfied with your final outcomes. Contact our team at Avanti Medical Center to find out how we can help you reduce fine lines and get an even better experience from this simple procedure. Let us know what else interests you in regards to aesthetic services by calling for a BOTOX consultation in Lehi, UT. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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