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Our team at Avanti Medical Center strives to be your one-stop hub for health and wellness care. Led by certified nurse practitioner Kellie Lewis, we provide a wide range of services aimed to enhance the way you look and feel. Men and women throughout Lehi, UT and the neighboring areas trust Kellie and her team with their wellness needs and goals. Whether you need help for erectile dysfunction, crave a glowing complexion, or desire certain enhancements, we can help. We welcome you to read through our collection of patient reviews and view our galleries to envision the results you can see when you trust our team with your aesthetic and sexual health needs.

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Review from D.J.  |  Source: Google  |  Feb 05, 2020

Amazing! I wish I had done the complete Trifecta package from the beginning instead of spreading it out and purchasing each treatment separately. I had significant ED issues and low testosterone. I had taken prescription testosterone shots for a few years, but the acne and the ups and downs were hard to handle. My wife convinced me that it was time for a change. After visiting several medical offices, I found Avanti. First I did testosterone pellets with Kellie Mcfall. Huge, huge difference. For me, pellets did not cause the acne I experienced with shots, NO MORE ROLLERCOASTER UPS AND DOWNS and they last 4-5 months. I saw improvements in energy and performance. Getting my testosterone up and stable probably resulted in a 30% improvement with my ED and definitely improved my drive… but I wanted more. Second, I opted for the P-shot. As much as I worried about the shots, they numb you and it was almost painless (no worse than a flu shot). This made an immediate impact on my ED, probably another 30% improvement. P-shot seemed to result in restoration of the tissue (thicker, harder). Third (after 2 of my 3 P-shots) I started shockwave therapy. This paired with the P-shot was amazing. Within weeks I could tell a huge difference with improved blood flow. It is now very rare that I have any ED issues (it was about 75% of the time before treatment). What would I do differently? I spread my treatments out over an extended period of time, thinking maybe this one approach would be enough. Although each helped, they each attack the problem from a different angle. The three combined (the Trifecta) produced the real results. If I did it all over again, I would go for the whole package from day 1. With ED, we want it gone not just reduced. For the results I got, I would do it all over again at Avanti without hesitation. You get a 1st class facility, treatment and staff at a competitive price. More

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